We are a full-service creative agency, specialized in millennials, Gen Z, and whoever comes next. Our cup of tea is a blend of Digital, Social Media, and Activation with a hint of ginger to keep it spicy. But we'll drink most things you give us the same.

Social Media Marketing

We help our clients from the Strategy to Calendar Planning to creating the contents, writing the copy to actual posting and rounding it off with reporting and analytics.

Social network analysis

Social network reporting

Social campaigns

Influencer engagement

Events & experiential

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Digital Marketing

Your agency partner on the difficult path of online visibility. Being first on Search engine can be a complicated path with multiple steps, Our dedicated team will help you optimize all aspect of search engines by creating a coherent approach for search engine optimization.



Search social strategy

Local optimization

Paid search

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Content Production

Your agency partner for content creation, UltraSuperNew Studio houses a suit of capabilities from BTS video content, gif and looping video content, event after-movie coverage and social content production.

Production Filming & Editing

Social Content Production

Stills Shooting and Production



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Communication Design

Your agency partner for commercial advertising. We specialise in creating campaigns from a consumers point of view leading to daring out-of-the box ideas spanning multiple channels and mediums. Where the audience is, is where we communicate in relatable ways that skip the fluff and get down to the real stuff.

Creative Strategy

Communication Strategy

Digital Communication

Traditional Advertising

Experential Advertising

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Digital Transformation

Your agency partner in technological / digital transformation. Technology can be hard to handle in this new tech world. From Web to AR/VR, our R&D will make sure to propose you the last edgy ideas for your digital production


Conversational Interfaces

Voice interfaces

Product development

Spark AR (Instagram Filter Platform)

Creative engineering

Tech innovation enablement

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Digital Development

Your agency partner for website and app development. Our in-house UX-designers, front & backend developers and hackers will make your brand online faster than a 56K modem.

Website development (desktop and smartphone)

App development

e-commerce solutions

UX / UI Design

IOT (internet of things) solutions

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Your agency partner in achieving a sustainable & social first approach to communicating with Generation green. Through our partnership with SoNOW we will help you craft your storytelling and refine your business model to be able to operate in a green, new economy.

Communication strategy

Anti-greenwashing communication

Circularity workshops

Circularity business modelling

Circluarity consultancy

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Your agency partner to open up commercial opportunities in the gaming space. We can help you collaborate with professional teams, players and leagues to help you to unlock new communities, new content opportunities and to grow your businesses through game-changing partnerships and programmes

Esports consultancy & strategy

Branding & PR

Esports partnerships & sponsorships

Influencer content management

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